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Since it is now difficult to have in a village 20 acres of land for the food with at least 04 shoal in a village, we will manage these territories in this way to enable a large number of families to be able to have you need for your diet without going to this market.


Now if the state and development institutions bring to the people everything of Health, Education and toutgenre needs including the management of Environment, our action will be to manage that with the population which should enable it to eat his moin fain to 02 times a day.If this is not the case with you, given our vision and determination, you can help us do that because we know that this is your desire if not your breath that you tear your peace.


Come with this NGO and Families and Environment Restored, render to our neighbor peace and joy we have and maintain for us and our house.


The management committee will talk with us that sales for demendera who need to sell for another need.


Here is how we will organize the management of spaces in a village


1 - The land:


1-1 Family


With family, create a planting food crops associated (yams, bananas and vegetables from 01 ha to 02 families


Part of the production will be reserved:

Food to the number of 02 families per group
for a balanced diet in school canteens and hospitals according to its emplassement
Development background, lice actions of social cohesion, integration by town

The rest of the food will be managed by their management committee


1-2 Rice


For 02 families

2 t of milled rice to 02 families

1 t to the needs of these families

1t for the next productions (add a neighbor)

1t health, education, school meals and other needs

1t for the Management Committee and the NGO


2 - Lower the bottom of 01 ha


Reserved for:

2 -1 Environment

Part of the production will be reserved:

for activities on environmental awareness and actions it afférant
for environmental maintenance of the village


2-2 Youth

Part of the production will be reserved:

For the organization of footballers and footballers from each village.
Reserve for the next harvest which the purchase of inputs

The management committee will do the rest for the support of fans at football matches in number 20


3 - Lower the bottom of 01 ha


3 - A People with disabilities


For food and for their support.


3 - B Children 00-17 years

1 for child immunization

1 for school canteens.


The rest of the food will be managed by their management committee.




Do you not see that support such action brings real relief in the family and community?


We will do this by sub-prefecture and department see region.


You will see the form of FOOD SECURITY view that our vision.


Who really benefits in your opinion?




Thank you.